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Episode 1: Listening to music, particularly favorite tunes can profoundly awaken the spirit. In those living with dementia, music can even help to provide a bridge to memories presumed lost. Discussion includes the proven use of music in connecting with dementia patients and the miraculous knowledge that the brain holds onto music memories even as language and other memories disappear.  Special guests include Dan Cohen, Bethanne Castrati and Carrie Aalberts.  Includes audience questions and answers. 1 hour in length.

Teepa Snow and Dr. Macie Smith, the powerhouse duo of acclaimed voices in dementia care, join forces co-hosting a brand-new talk show! This groundbreaking program explores creative options using The Arts in helping families, caregivers and those living with dementia as they face the life challenges of brain change. Featured will be spirited round table discussion, on location segments, special performances and live audience Q&A. Guests will include medical professionals, celebrities, and industry experts as well as families, caregivers and loved ones sharing their real-life stories. You're not alone in your journey.

An all-new experience
is coming soon.

We've heard you and are excited to begin a new chapter. We are transitioning from a video-on-demand platform to full a production company focusing on making important shows for the 50+ audience. Distribution through linear channels, 3rd party video-on-demand partners, establish media outlets and our website to reach a global audience and to better serve you!

In early 2024 we will announce our viewing partnerships

and the various ways you can enjoy a Saltbox TV production.

What will this mean for you, our viewer?

Saltbox's evolution is guided by the desires and requirements of our viewers. From the very start, we have actively gathered feedback, examined our data, and engaged in honest conversations with our viewers. Through this process, we discovered that one of the most significant challenges faced by viewers (and caregivers) was not a scarcity of general entertainment content, but rather the difficulty of finding specific programs that can help and enrich lives day-to-day. 

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